How Kevin O’Connor, and FindTheBest Got Lean

Kevin O’Connor is at it again (he founded DoubleClick, sold it to Google). This time he’s running lean. The company, FindTheBest, is a big concept. Yet after three years of taking a disciplined approach using the Lean Startup blueprint, the company is confident they have found the market and are generating a blueprint for success. Moreover, Kevin insists they will continue to test their hypothesis and prove the viability of products and services or they will be quickly scrapped. A good example where a disciplined approach to Lean is paying off.

Steve Blank

When we started E.piphany there was an equally scrappy startup called DoubleClick (later acquired by Google for $3.1 billon). Over the years Kevin O’Connor, former CEO and founder of DoubleClick and I got to know each other.  It’s been fun watching a 20th Century entrepreneur learn new tricks as he builds his next startup, FindTheBest using Lean Methodology.  Here’s Kevin’s story to date.kevin_oconnor_headshot


You might say Steve and I have lived parallel lives. We’re both serial entrepreneurs. We’ve both used a combination of luck, hard work, and mild insanity to get where we are today. We’ve both published bestselling books.*map_of_innovation_kevin_oconnor

* Okay: my book sold way less copies than Steve’s.

Steve and I have long held similar beliefs about how to run start-ups, even if we’ve used different names to describe the key principles. He came down a few weeks ago to visit our company, FindTheBest, where we chatted about his lean…

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