Free NCCA March Madness Video From CBS

Kelly Whitney and Paul Miller contest the jump.  (AP)The Madness has begun, and CBS Sportsline is right in the heart of it. The site provides real time scores of games in progress, game logs that include live text descriptions of the action, and best of all, free video, also known as March Madness on Demand.

I knew, of course, that I should have registered at the site last week, but never got around to it. So I just did it this morning, with games already in progress, and got put into a line awaiting admission. My position: Number 39,061. But within two minutes I was up to number 3000, and now, another minute later, I’m already in. So don’t be discouraged by those initial numbers — it looks like CBS is doing a great job with the technology.

And now I’ve got a little video player on my desktop, which is working just like a TV, sometimes with commercials (small price to pay) and most times just taking breaks during times out. I’m seeing Witchita State win pretty easily, but Oklahoma, a 6-seed, is losing late in the game to 11-seed Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The schedule of games is right there, so you can switch around, just like at home, but without your wife or girlfriend complaining. It’s just an initial impression, but CBS’s March Madness on Demand looks great.

You can always find basketball video clips on ClipBlast’s dedicated basketball page, and remember that we feature lots of video from NBA-TV.

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