YouTube’s Publicity Engine

YouTube continues to grow in popularity, if for no other reason than the great publicity they’ve been getting as now NBC, for the second time in 30 days, has sent them a cease and desist letter to remove last Saturday’s SNL skit featuring Natalie Portman rapping (Watch it here).

It only took YouTube users minutes to upload the SNL skit to YouTube’s servers Saturday night, and it was a fast few hours before YouTube complied with NBC’s “request” to pull it down.

Yet as the problem continues, and YouTube’s popularity grows with the under 24 audience, clearly the targeted demographic that SNL appeals to, something’s going to have to give.

Like CBS last week, who insisted YouTube remove the clip that CBS created about Jason McElwaine, the autistic basketball phenom, the Networks are struggling with their digital distribution strategies Or are they?

YouTube reportedly gets over a million views of these high profile clips. Then, as the drill goes, the networks come after them with “open” legal letters obviously played up by the publicity machines, and we all sit up and take note, not to mention click on the links and watch the clips.

YouTube is doing a phenomenal job keeping “hot”. So much so that the buzz is YouTube will be bought by an NBC or CBS or a Yahoo or a Fox by mid-year.

Anybody want to get a pool going? Here’s the game; guess the Date AND pick the acquiring company, winner takes all…

(credit: Lost Remote)

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