The Big Bang of Internet Video (Report)

According to a new report released by ABI Research, the momentum Apple created when it announced last year that it would sell videos online through iTunes continues into 2006.

At this year’s CES, gadgets took a backseat to the bevy of announcements by large online and content players,” notes Mike Wolf, principal analyst of broadband and multimedia with ABI Research. “The flood of online content announcements from Google, Yahoo and others shows that after years of hesitation from the larger media players, the market for premium content online is finally beginning to take shape.”

According to the report, Broadband Video and Internets TV will grow rapidly between now and 2010 – by 89% annually – yet will remain dwarfed by traditional delivery such as broadcast and cable.

The Big Bang created by Apple is indeed resulting in a media frenzy with all eyes looking at the usual suspects to come out and play. But lets not lose sight of the independent producers and content owners who hold hundreds of thousands of hours of relevant, informative and enlightening video, and the individuals who are going to rise above the clutter to release valued material for distribution through established channels like ABC News.

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